We are plant scientists

We have more than two score years of experience each. We have the experience of agriculture. The experience of researching it, practicing it, teaching it. Of being in the vanguard of new technology in agriculture. Each of us has a track record of excellence in the different frontiers of agri-technology and agri-commerce.

We grow different types of crops in varied conditions and document each and every factor. We are growing crops, about a couple of dozen varieties at the last count, and studying them. We change the variables and study the effect of these changes.

We hope to be able to develop a protocol for the optimal way of cultivation of these crops. Develop guidelines on what to do to address the conditions under which each crop is growing and optimise yields.

The whole exercise in fact starts much before the crop is planted or seeds sown.

We are documenting the process of preparing soils. In fact bringing so called barren land under cultivation. We are documenting the water requirement for each crop. We are developing methods of conserving water and optimising amount of water used.

The best way to sow, the best way to transplant. How to nurture the crops. How to maximise yields. We are working on all the facets.

And we are documenting the lessons learnt.

We disseminate the knowledge among the farming community

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