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We are a team of scientists and we watch crops grow. We see and observe everything. We observe the sunshine. See it change. We observe the temperature. We observe the water. We observe the soil. We collect data on the entire life cycle of the crops. We gather data on the effect that each one has on the other. It is this body of data that we use to draw conclusions and recommend interventions. We measure the effect that these interventions too have on the crops.

What we do

We are plant scientists

We are a team of scientists and entrepreneurs of varied expertise come together to study the effect of all environmental factors on crops.
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Study the ecosystem

We study in great detail the entire ecosystem our crops are growing in.

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All types of land

Crops are being cultivated in open field conditions, Net houses of different specifications and Poly houses.
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We gather data

We measure and gather data at very high intensity with specially designed and manufactured electronic sampling units in controlled poly house conditions, net houses and open field conditions.
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Documentation is the key

Our two research stations at Doddaballapur region near Bangalore are beehives of activity. Every action is documented. So are the various observations and inferences drawn.

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Reclaim Barren Land

Some of the land available to us had never been tilled. It was hard packed soil, tamped down by the weather over decades. Nothing but scrub grew there.

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Bringing vitality to barren land

They told us, there wasn’t enough water for cultivation.

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Optimise utilisation of water

We use a combination of methods to optimize water use

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Integrated Pest Management

We adopt very systematic and proactive approach to control and manage different pests

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Using a combination of techniques innovatively to optimise results


Okra Commercial and Research Data

Crop Importance

>> Edible part – In India, the immature tender and green pods are eaten mainly boiled in culinary preparations, as sliced and fried pieces. It is also slice dried in sun for its year-round consumption. Tender, green fruits are cooked in curry in curry and soup

>> Food Value - Okra fruits are rich in calcium (90mg/100g fresh weight) and provide valuable supplementary items in the tropical diet, which is basically starchy in nature lacking calcium and iron.

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Creating ideal growing conditions for crops

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